Bisexual Women Seeking Love In The Threesome Dating Site

We asked a group of users from threesome dating sites to share their troubles, the advantages of male and female friends, etc. After all, who can have more say than the bisexual people in the experience of two genders?

 Once my boyfriend thought that my orientation was very good, I wanted to play threesome or swap with other members every day. Please, bisexuality is not the same as loving a threesome. Why not try?  A lot of couples think that having a bisexual partner means that they can play the threesome in a reasonable way. But bisexuality does not mean supporting polygamy. To be honest, I am not supreme, I just want to find a companion who can stay with me for life, not a few shots. In fact, it is more difficult to get a girl.

Dating is more difficult. Because before considering whether they are single or whether they are interesting to me, the first thing to do is to find out if they are "straight women." Sometimes they are discharged, they will think that you are just "a little bit bent" based on the friendship between the sisters, but in fact, you are "true bend."

I like women more in bisexuality, but I have more interactions with men. It is difficult to develop same-sex relationships because women are naturally sensitive to friendships, and it is difficult to distinguish friendships and love between women. Just find a threesome with your new girlfriends now.

Dating with men is not so tired (because it seems to be a normal pair and avoiding gossip seems to solve any problem between us). Women are more sensitive and difficult to engage in. I actually like to be with women (in terms of feelings, women can satisfy me more), but it is easier to get along with men and keep my "sexual interest", so my subjects are half-hearted.

It is easy to be with a man 419, but it is difficult with a woman. First of all, it is difficult to determine whether she is loving or friendly to you; secondly, before the woman is pushed down, there is a lot of work to be done. Men are more direct. The man's kiss is hot and deep, unforgettable; when the woman is passive waiting for you to act, the man has already kissed you.

I only interacted with a man. This is the most supreme part of my relationship. Men have more direct physiological needs, and women are more conservative; they don't want to, but they are ashamed to express. Both men and women have advantages. Facing homophobic, saying that you are more relaxed with men; when you are with a man, you will always worry about pregnancy.

I prefer men, not that they are more attractive, but the charm of men. But women have natural breast pillows, and sleeping on them is very comfortable! I love my boyfriend, but I will miss the breast pillow from time to time! In general, women are more intimate and more lovable, especially in small things. But men don't have so many things, they are more direct and better, they will tell you what you want. It will be more frequent with men.

Spiritual separation. The focus of bisexuality varies. Some are physiologically fond of both sexes, but only have a spiritual affection for one gender; others are interested in both sexes. This is probably the reason for the existence of the words "same-sex romance" and "sexual romance". In general, I like women more physically and mentally; I only have a physical affection for men.

I feel that dating a man is more troublesome than a woman. And women can often come to a protracted war, but men can't. I feel that I prefer bisexual women more physically and mentally to prefer men.


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